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Refurbished Copier Dealer

A refurbished copier is a great option for a company with a limited budget, which have the need for a standalone multi-function copier. 

Finding a company that does a good job refurbishing the copier equipment they sell, is not an easy task. At Macromac Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd we have the following policies for the refurbished copiers we sell/lease and service:

We always sell copiers with low meter readings (low usage).

We always replace the following consumables in every copier we refurbish:

  • Drums/Imaging units
  • Toner
  • Waste container

We always replace the following parts in every copier we refurbish:

  • Pads
  • Rollers for the document feeder
  • Pick up rollers for the cassette units
  • Transfer belt
  • Fuser unit
  • Cleaning assembly

We test every copier by making 100-200 copies and prints before they are delivered.

Used copiers that do not go through a process like the one mentioned above, are just used copiers. There are thousands of dollars that difference a used copier from a refurbish copier, and that cost is reflected in the consumables, parts and labor it takes to refurbish a copier. The value of such process is that the equipment is a close to a new copier as it can be, with the benefit of saving 30% to 40% in the sale price.

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