Short Term Rental Services

Printer and PhotoCopier Rental

When you’re down to the wire, dealing with a sharp upturn in printing or planning for an event, you can count on Macromac to get you through it.

We can provide the proven equipment, off-site printing and on-site support you need to produce your documents in the most professional and efficient way possible.

We offer:

  • A world-class portfolio of copiers, printers, multi-function devices and production equipment
  • Variable copier and printer rental times — from a week up to two years
  • A team of specialists to help with planning, installation, configuration and operation
  • When you partner with us, you get more than a printer rental. Whatever your printing need, we’re here to make sure you’re ready for it.

    Event Services

    Get the equipment and support you need for your event — whatever its scope.

    • We've got you covered for all types of conferences and events
    • Get the perfect solution for your exact need.

    Office Rentals

    Establish a temporary office, deal with document overflow or keep up with a corporate merger with office rentals.

    • Cut unnecessary equipment costs and commitments.
    • Focus on your business goals, not your printing needs.

    Production Rentals

    Seize every opportunity — and still get each job out the door on time — with our affordable short-term rental solutions.

    • Flawless quality for faster turnarounds.
    • Entry-level production printers, high-speed inkjet presses and everything in between.

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