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In this informative article we guide you on what you need to consider when signing a photocopier rental contract.

Renting photocopiers offers a number of benefits for your business but it is important to understand precisely what your business requirements are before you enter into a photocopier rental contract.

Before you sign the rental contract you will have to do some independent research to know what features you require from your photocopier. You need to decide what photocopier manufacturer you prefer, what are your speed requirements, your estimated copy volume and available budget. Read our photocopier buying guide for more information.

Photocopier rental contracts: All you need to know

There are a number of photocopier suppliers in Malaysia that offer quality photocopiers on rental contracts. It is important for you to understand all the details before entering into the photocopier rental contract, as unexpected costs are a common issue among businesses that have not completely reviewed the photocopier rental contract.

Some of the key questions you should ask yourself before signing a photocopier rental contract are:

  • Are the manufacturer and supplier well know and established?
  • There a several well know photocopier suppliers in Malaysia. Make sure the brand you choose has a nationwide service network and has been in business for several years. Signing a photocopier rental contract with a “fly-by-night” company will more than likely result in problems.

  • Do I opt for new or used photocopier?
  • If you want a new machine make sure the photocopier contract specifies that the machine provided is new. Read the advantages and disadvantages of a used photocopier.

  • Is there a service and maintenance agreement?
  • It is vitally important that the photocopier rental contract includes a service and maintenance agreement. This will ensure that your photocopier runs efficiently with limited downtime.

  • Is there an automatic renewal?
  • You should be wary of photocopier rental contracts that renew automatically at the end of each period. If this happens you will often end up paying for a machine that is outdated.

  • Can I upgrade?
  • As your business expands so will your photocopier requirements. With this in mind it is important to check if the rental contract allows for the upgrade of the photocopier during the rental period.

  • Do I get ownership?
  • It is important to know, once the rental contract has expired, if you get ownership of the photocopier or does the machine still belong to the supplier. Most of the time a photocopier rental agreement will finance the purchase price of the rented photocopier.

    As with most rental contracts the devil is in the detail. Make sure that you understand all the terms and conditions, the period of the agreement is correct, and every cost detail is in the contract thus leaving no room for unexpected surprises. By following the information discussed above you will be able to make an informed decision before entering into a photocopier rental contract.

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