Knowing Photocopiers for Your Business

You simply fill out  the inquiry form which generally only takes about 1 minutes and in return you will provided with a selection of copiers with accompanying no-obligation quotes, we will ensuring you get the best possible price deal.

Whether you require a desk top or a full specification, high-speed machine depends on no small part on the needs of your business, therefore a number of important questions need to be answered.

How many people are in your organisation/department?

  • How many copiers do you need?
  • What is your budget per copier?
  • Do you require a black and white copier, colour or both?
  • How many copies do you make per month? (Low volume: less than 5,000, medium volume: 5,000-15,000, high volume: over 15,000)
  • What copier speed do you require?(How many copies per minute [cpm]— slow, 15 cpm; medium, 30 cpm; fast, 50cpm)
  • What additional features do you require? (Fax, image editing, scanner, feeder, sorter, stapler, binder)
  • What paper sizes will you be copying? (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, etc.)
  • Do you intend to buy, lease or rent?
  • How soon will you require your copier(s)?

Once you have an idea of the answers to all the questions outlined above, you will be able to best deal quote in just a matter of minutes.

You eventually receive our recommendations check to see if any models come up more than once.

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